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Kayako upgrade - coming next week

Hi all

I’ve been working with Kayako to update us to the new version.

I’ve planned for this migration to be started on Friday 10th March at 5:30am.

This could last until 12:30pm the same day, so you will not be able to use Kayako within this time.

Once Kayako have moved all tickets and users over, I will be able to set up SLA plans and other things such as notifications, roles and permissions etc.

Your username will be the email address you normally use for Kayako and your password should remain the same. If the URL changes, I will send this out to you nearer to the time.

If you have any questions, please let me know.

I will send you another email next week to explain some of the changes and how you will submit tickets in the new version.


Jenny Martin

IT Support and Transition Manager

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