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Transition Process


What the process looks like:

  1. Transition team will investigate LMS1 usage for each individual customer
  2. Jenny will get in touch with the CAM once their customer is ready to be transitioned
  3. CAM gets customer on board
  4. Customer is handed over to Transition team
  5. Transition team take care of the transition with the customer
  6. Training
  7. Customer transition is complete
  8. Transition team have a 4 week follow up with the customer

Transition team and responsibilities

  • Jenny Martin – Transition Manager
    • Lead on the transition project
    • Main contact internally and externally on transition plan and confirmations.
  • Megan Ridley – Customer Support Manager
    • Supporting Transition Manager in transition project
    • Lead on training
    • Lead on demo
    • First contact for CAMs/BDMs after the handover has taken place to the Tech team to provide updates and questions on the process/ Enable
  • Customer Account Manager
    • Initial contact with Transition Manager to explain LMS1 usage/what customer has already seen of Enable
    • Get customer on board with transition
    • Help set up conference call to handover to transition team
    • To agree any associated costs with the customer separate to the transition project
    • Be aware of customer set up in Enable at end of transition process in order to support the customer going forward on Enable
    • To complete Enable training as required in order to fully support all customers, new and transitioned.
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